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Soyfish offers an exclusive sushi experience in the privacy of your home or private event. We cater to those looking to make their intimate event memorable, using the freshest and highest quality products available. Soyfish is the ultimate luxury sushi experience.

Private Chef

Takuya Motohashi began learning the art of sushi as an early teenager working for his father. In his early twenties, he left for Japan to apprentice for some of the countries masters. For over two decades, Takuya has developed and mastered techniques and styles that he has brought back to Canada to offer his clients, to create a private dining experience like no other.

Modern Tradition

Though made modern by Takuya’s forward thinking approach, our preparation, techniques, and focus on the highest quality and freshest seasonal ingredients is rooted in the unbroken and ancient history and art of cuisine in Japan. This grounding in the history of Japanese food has allowed Takuya to develop new and innovative approaches that are sure to wow your guests.

Libation Pairings

We’re able to suggest spirits and libations to pair with our dishes to bring out and enhance the flavour and notes to create some of the most exciting culinary experiences for you to offer your guests. Let us help you take your dining experience even further by providing you with that perfect pairing for your dishes.

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